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I.Simon Crib

This beautiful I.Simon crib is another addition to our selection.
A very special feature of this nativity scene is that you can choose to order Joseph with a “real light” lantern as well ! This natural lighting will set a very special and warm festive mood in your home.

Wood: maple wood
Hand-painted with oil color

*Figure sizes are the average size of up-standing figures within one nativity set- all the other figures will fit in proportion*

Krippenserie zum Ausdrucken

Set of figures I.Simon Crib 13cm/color



 24,86 133,87


 24,86 133,87

*Joseph (with lightened lantern)

 31,68 141,68

*Baby Jesus (loose)

 9,46 31,13


 10,78 34,32


 22,77 94,93


 22,77 94,93

King, kneeling

 30,03 151,36

King, Moor

 30,03 151,36

King, standing

 30,03 151,36

Glory Angel

 32,89 140,47

Shepherd lying 16

 28,82 124,85

Shepherd blowing into fire 17

 28,82 124,85

Shepherd kneeling with wood 18

 28,82 124,85